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Seborga’s Ceramic Stoneware Tableware Set Plates and Bowl


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Elegant handmade ceramic stoneware tableware set with plates and bowl  perfect for the lunch and dinner. All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe however hand washing is advised.

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The ceramic stoneware tableware set consists of a mixture of porcelain earth, feldspar, and quartz. After its shaping, each part is individually sanded and glazed by hand. Small inclusions and dark greyish black color gradients create the unique vintage look.

Each part of the plate and bowl is coated with a special, reactive color glaze. This contains a 68.6% high proportion of silicate, which makes the tableware extremely resistant. Heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and robust against scratching of the surfaces.

Plate Size:  2cm height x 25.5cm diameter at widest point

Bowls: H: 5.8cm * Dia.: 12.8cm


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