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Cervo’s Traditional Ceramic Dining Plates and Bowls


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Hand built with stoneware clay and glazed with a unique and beautiful iridescent glaze combination. Durable and heavily hard in quality. Built with porcelain material and suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.

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Beautiful blue dining plate in porcelain, and ceramic. The shape is irregular, which adds to the uniqueness of these plates and bowls; what an excellent opportunity to jazz up your dining table and make a memorable dinner.

The bowl is definitely a statement piece but it is also functional and food safe. It can be safely used to serve hot or cold food and can even safely be heated in the oven (Just not straight from the fridge).

It would make a very special serving plate and equally special as a centerpiece on a coffee table or in an entry hall.

Easy to clean.

Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.
Material: porcelain, ceramic.


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