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Buyers’ Guide for Furniture Made of Sheesham

It’s a common myth in the world of interior design that you need to buy pricey, name-brand furniture in order to create the most opulent and breathtaking room designs. This is wrong; in addition to strong frames and gorgeous exteriors, our amazing Sheesham Furniture can offer style, service, and storage for any need. 

What exactly is Indian Rosewood?

Indian Rosewood is a sort of brightly coloured wood that can be used to make doors, furniture, and other home accessories. The Dalbergia Sissoo tree has a quick growth rate and may be shaped into many different shapes and features. These trees have the potential to reach a height of 25 metres and a width of up to 2-3 metres.

These trees can be carved and made into magnificent furniture designs due to their sturdy and robust wood. This premium material, which is also used for floors and doorways, is well renowned for its endearing characteristics and is employed all over the world.

The trees frequently grow in a curled shape and must be dried before being used for crafting.

To produce durable wooden additions, every step of the Dalbergia Sissoo wood collecting process is essential.

Where Is Indian Rosewood Originated?

Despite being native to regions like the Himalayas, Dalbergia Sissoo is typically grown in northern India and Indonesia. Because of the hot environment in these nations, trees can flourish and maintain their sturdy characteristics.

What colour is Sheesham Wood by nature?

Natural Sheesham wood cores come in a variety of colours, based on the age, size, and location of the tree. However, they all often fall between reddish and golden brown in colour. Sheesham wood typically also has darker colour striations running through the grain.

How Sustainable Is Sheesham Wood?

Due to a massive number of factors, sheesham wood is a very adaptable and sustainable material. First off, these trees can be grown quickly and inexpensively because of their hardwood nature and capacity to endure harsh conditions like severe rainfall or intense cold. The trees themselves require little upkeep, which enables them to grow quickly and unhindered.

To ensure that the swift, efficient cycle continues to flourish and produce wonderful Sheesham Wood Furniture for the UK, we always intend to plant a new tree where we cut down one.

How to Maintain Sheesham Furniture?

These actions are how to maintain the quality of your furniture.

  • Don’t expose furniture to direct sunlight to prevent colour fading.
  • Aim for once per day to three times per week when wiping the dust from your appliance.
  • Utilise approved wooden furniture polish to polish the wood.
  • Use our Fiddles premium wax for that revitalised finish.

How to Wax Furniture Made of Sheesham?

  • Use a cloth to wipe the unit’s surface clean.
  • Apply a small amount of Fiddes premium wax on a fresh piece of cloth.
  • Lightly coat the entire surface area, working in the direction of the grain.
  • Let the wax cure, ideally overnight.
  • Use as many coatings as are necessary to achieve the desired result.

What products can be created from sheesham wood?

  • Bookcases
  • A TV unit
  • Decorative Cabinets
  • a bed frame
  • Adjacent Tables
  • Small tables and Side tables
  • Couch Tables
  • Espresso Tables
  • Sideboards
  • Drawers
  • Table lamps

What does Indian Rosewood Furniture involve?

The material used to make this collection, Sheesham Wood, is so adaptable that it may be made and reinterpreted in a variety of forms.

The Indian Rosewood ranges distinguish out from the competition thanks to a variety of incredible features. These pieces, which include TV units, coffee tables, and sideboards, have traditionally sturdy solid timber frames and iron cast handles.

What is Jali Furniture?

Jali units have elegant exteriors with iron cast details similar to Indian Rosewood. Dining tables, seats, and display cases are all included in this much bigger assortment.

Our Jali Colours are rich and flowing for a simple yet full design thanks to their earthy Indian flair. Any environment may accommodate them, and with your unique touch, they will flourish. They can be positioned anywhere and will flourish when given your particular touch.

Cube Furniture

The only material used to make Cube Furniture is Sheesham Wood. These quality items are guaranteed to make a statement in your house for many experiences to come thanks to their traditional yet bulked-out appearance. For optimal functionality, they have stainless steel handles installed.

Cuba Furniture

Cuba Furniture has the exact same look and feel as Cube Furniture, but for a more seamless appearance, this line uses solid wooden handles. Tables, drawers, desks, and even sideboards are included in these sets.

Strong living Room Furniture

As was already mentioned, Sheesham Wood may be used to create practically any solid wood living room furniture, which will look great in your living room. This offers a large selection of high-end cabinets to hold TVs, hold drinks, and offer wonderful display options.

Sheesham Coffee Table

Our Sheesham wood coffee tables are suitable for any living space and serve as the ideal focal point to bring everything in your living room together. They have an unmistakable excellence.

Some items in our wide selection have drawers and additional shelf so you may truly customise your ideal coffee table. Additionally, the coffee table seen above has drawers with iron cast handles for a practical yet elegant design. premium method.

Study Furniture 

The office setting is an essential component of every long-lasting family because it serves as a location for work, relaxation, and simple learning. As a result, we are pleased to provide a wide selection of products that can be added to your study.

Sheesham TV units

Every living room design now includes a television, and many other rooms also include one. For this, Solid Wood Tv Units are designed to hold small, medium, or large television sets depending on size. They also include shelves, little cabinets, or drawers for additional storage.

Our bookshelves are made with caring hands and are filled with strength, support, and greatness. They are made to exhibit your books, trophies, or decorations. These amazing units may be employed in any space, but they also make a simple focal point in your study to take advantage of the space’s height.

Solid Wood Desk

These outstanding workstations are part of our Cube and Cuba collection. These desks are the perfect addition to any workplace environment because they can hold a PC, monitors, and additional technical devices like keyboards and mice.

These beautiful desks can be positioned either in the middle of the room or next to a wall because they are an excellent method to fill up empty space.

Bed Frames

Our Cuba and Cuba ranges offer different sized bed frames that will suit your room. Bed frames act as a centrepiece and circle the attention towards itself. Because of this, our bed frames have to be the most excellent quality – which you will find in the Cube products, such as the 5ft King frame above.


Again, from our Cube and Cuba category is a fantastic 3 drawer nightstand. These can be chosen in any of the 3 colours, with stainless steel handles or solid wood handles to perfectly compliment your cube bed frame.

There are also a range of other units you can introduce into your bedroom to complete the design.

Sheesham Chest of Drawers

These chests made out of Sheesham Wood are bound to fulfil your bedroom experience with an abundance of storage and style. With several drawer options and surface areas, each of these fantastic units can be implemented into your bedroom to really take advantage of the height and wall space.

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a place for the household to meet and enjoy dinners, games or studying sessions. That’s why you need to view our extensive Sheesham dining variety to design your dream interior.

Solid Wood Dining Tables

We are proud to offer many different dining room tables to comfortably host you and your household. From intimate 2 seaters to large 8 seaters, there are tables here for everyone to enjoy. Their sleek design offers a premium atmosphere which is also sturdy and reliable.

Wooden Chairs

Our Jali and Cube ranges are proud to display wooden chairs which are perfect for sitting and relaxing. Their high back allows for proper seated support, and their lavish designs give your dining room that added Indian flair.


We truly hope that our buyers guide has been useful to you and that you have gained some insight into the background of Sheesham Wood and how it has become synonymous with many of our home designs. 

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